Hi everyone!

My name is Kristi Nikkel and I have a passion for creativity of all kinds, however two particular forms stand out to me the most: photography and writing.

The story behind these two passions is not long, and not complex, but simply one that started a very long time ago at the age of seven when writing was all I could think about. I spent all of my spare time (or “choice” time as my teacher at the time called it,) writing short stories, poems for people I loved and dreaming about one day becoming an author. I still have a journal in storage from grade four when I wrote that I wanted to be an author when I grow up!

In October of 2014 I completed my University degree with an English major with high hopes of pursuing that long-lasting dream and still continue to dabble in the written art for both business and pleasure!

Photography was a much later passion to develop as it called to me only about 4 years ago when my Mama won a silent auction prize at one of my gymnastics competitions. In it was a free photoshoot with the amazing Marny Barnes of Vivid Intuition Photography. After completing that shoot, I became obsessed with capturing beauty in all forms: people, buildings, nature etc, because I experienced first hand, how excited Marny was to be able to do the same! That Christmas I got my first professional camera, a Canon Rebel T1i, from my Mama and began photographing everything! I still remember the first ever photograph I took with that camera after figuring out how to adjust it for lighting. It was a photo of a beer bottle left on a table in the airport, and that camera made it look absolutely beautiful! After that, I was sold! I wanted to make everything look that vibrant, so I learned from the best! Marny took me under her wing and taught me everything I know about that camera to this day!

Today I’ve done countless weddings with her and proudly call her my partner and good friend. I’ve also been blessed enough to do many shoots on my own including weddings, black-tie galas, competitions and photoshoots for friends and friends of friends! I’m still loving every minute of it, and to this day, thank both Marny and that beer bottle for giving me the passion to pursue this amazing art form.

If you want to work with me, I will bring all of my passion and dedication that exists within me, into your shoot to ensure you are happy with the end result. That is my promise! I have a lot to share, and who better to share it with, than you!?

I’m looking forward to working with you! 

(*Special thanks to my boyfriend Chris Karasewich as well, who, in knowing I’ve never had a truly special birthday before, made my last one the best I could have ever imagined. He surprised me by creating this website so I could share my passion with the world. If you need a website done, he is the man to do it. Check out ASAP Marketing and you won’t regret it!)