Kennedy is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met, and I’m lucky enough to call her a good friend. Her energy is unlike any other, despite what life throws at her.

A few years ago, Kennedy was diagnosed with diabetes. This came as a shock to her, her family and all of her friends because, at the time, she was a high performance rhythmic gymnast. You don’t think that being an incredibly healthy human being would land you in such a situation, but that just shows you that anything at anytime is possible.

After getting the news, I never saw Kennedy cry, complain or ask “why me?” She dealt with it like a champ and lived life exactly the same, with the exception of having to test her blood sugar and inject insulin¬†every time she eats or goes to sleep.

Kennedy, your strength and passion for living life with so much zest is inspiring and I’m so proud of everything you’ve become. Good luck in university this year darling, I know you’ll rock it like you do life.

Love you so so much little lady.