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Angela is a woman that I instantly connected with when I met her. We bonded over our gymnastics history and an incredible friendship form ever since. She has this energy and zest for life that oozes out of her even in the hardest of times. She is someone who sees the good in every piece of bad, and even if she takes the odd moment to pity herself, she takes five more to think of the greatnesses surrounding her.

This shoot was extremely fun, and I’m so thankful I got the chance to do it. It was one that somewhat started my career in photography actually, as it was the first time I had shot real people on my own! (Either way) I’ve grown to love Ang and her husband Zack over the years I’ve known them, and I couldn’t be more lucky to have a couple like them in my life that I can look up to. This shoot was rushed through and completed in an hour because they are so busy and so involved in everything you can imagine! It just shows that it doesn’t take any time at all to capture beauty when it lies so naturally within the people your shooting.

Ang and Zack, I love you both and wish you the best life together. Your little guy is 1 now and couldn’t be more handsome. I hope you have many more coming so I can do more shots with him involved too 😉