This, is a love story featuring a couple who beat their odds to wind up together. You might even call it a fairytale— But you can decide that after reading my much less magical summary of their story:

One lived in another country, the other, here in Canada. Each of them part of the same company where it is frowned upon to be in a relationship with fellow colleagues. He was constantly out of the country for work, where time and space separated them and their ability to grow together as a couple. She waited for him, battling the many trips he had to take back and forth, all the while knowing there was a chance they wouldn’t make it work.

Eventually love took over and they realized they couldn’t be without one another. He proposed, she said yes without hesitation, because jobs are replaceable and love…is not.

The rest is history for this beautiful pair. Not one bad picture was taken on their special day, because the smiles they each wore that day, created a natural glow and utter beauty in every single shot.

I wish you the happiest ever after, Rachel and Javier.