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If the word “love” could be described in two simple, yet meaningful words, those two words might as well be “Jody” and “Adam.”

This was one of the more fun weddings I had the privilege of shooting because the bride and groom were just so spunky! Jody, who was terribly sick with a head cold on her special day, didn’t let that stop her from getting through it with a constant smile (and the help of some strong cold & flu medication); and Adam, as in love as he was on that day, didn’t let Jody’s illness stop him from locking lips with her for severable seconds when they were officially announced bride and groom! – woo woo!

Each of them were so gracious, kind and inviting of me, an amateur photographer at the time. For that, I thank them immensely because I got some of the greatest shots that I’ve ever taken on their wedding day. Then again, how hard could it possible to take photos of such gorgeous people who exude love through their pores?

I really couldn’t be happier for this couple. Their love and happiness that still exists today is just the base of what they are bound to experience together.

May you both live the greatest and most adventerous life together